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What is the difference between green energy and conventional energy?

Renewable energy is not a protected term and can also be used by conventional energy providers if they generate energy from renewable and fossil sources. Green energy is generated from renewable energy sources (solar and hydroelectric power, geothermal energy, wind energy, biomass etc.), emits significantly less CO2 and therefore has a much smaller effect on climate change and the personal ecological footprint. In contrast to fossil fuels, these renewable energy sources are available in unlimited quantities. From morpheus' point of view, a true renewable energy provider is characterized by the fact that 100% of the electricity it offers comes from renewable energy sources, that it is completely independent of coal and nuclear power, and that it actively promotes the energy transition. You can find more details about this in our FAQs.

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What distinguishes us from conventional comparison portals?

We at morpheus offer you a simple and intuitive way to minimize your ecological footprint by switching to renewable energy in no time at all. This means you will only find real renewable energy providers in comparison to each other. We enable you to make a renewable energy switch, without hidden contract traps or fossil fuel involvement. Switch now and make an important contribution to a sustainable society. Join morpheus!

Does the green electricity I buy really come out of my socket?

Yes and no. There is no separate electricity grid for renewable electricity and an electricity grid for fossil fuels. A mix of electricity always comes out of the socket. However, you always get the electricity that is produced in your area. Imagine being at a pool party, but the pool still needs to be filled. All guests help and fill the pool. Some people pour - for whatever reason - polluted water into the pool, others pour clean water. When you take water from the pool, you have a mixture of polluted and clean water. The more clean water you pour in, the cleaner the water in the whole pool will be. And the best thing would be if the water is completely clean at some point, so that the bathing fun can start! It's the same with the energy that comes out of your socket. So when you buy renewable energy, you're helping to make the mix of electricity coming out of all your outlets cleaner than it was before. Yeah! And the more people get renewable energy, the more renewable energy will come out of your socket, until eventually our energy will be 100% renewable. So switch now and make the entire German energy mix cleaner with your decision!

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